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Richmond Zombie Walk Stickers

We Screen Printed some lovely vinyl stickies for the Richmond Zombie Walk crew probably six years ago or more. I haven’t seen any of them around as they only got a couple hundred but I bet you they’re still fighting the elements. We sell top quality screen printed stickers that last a decade or more outside. Some people make the mistake of buying inferior decals. People will tell you anything in order to get your business. If you want your image to tolerate the elements and stand the test of time… GET US TO SCREEN PRINT STICKERS FOR YOU! We print on High-Quality Flexcon® 3-Mil Outdoor White Vinyl which costs a bit more but is worth it in the long run. I bet most of these stickers are still stuck wherever they originally landed six or more years ago.

We’ve been Screen Printing in Richmond since the 1980’s and we’d love to print for you 🙂

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Screen Printed Stickers Richmond
Custom Screen Printed Stickers Richmond, VA

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