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Current RVA Stickers Deals and Specials

Hands-Down the Bast Quality Stickers! RVAStickers is committed to supplying the best stickers on the market. From our care in screen-printing to our durable materials and inks. Don’t settle for those super cheap stickers that fall apart in weeks, RVA Stickers last a lifetime!
Super-Tough, Super-Durable! Our vinyl stickers are the toughest and most durable around. We start with high-quality vinyl sheets (not paper or laminate), and then screen-screen print your artwork for a PERMANENT sticker. Weather-Proof, and virually INDESTRUCTABLE!
Don’t Be Fooled! Although some places might offer a cheaper sticker, they are just that... cheaper. Thinner material and non-durable inks cost less, but your stickers won’t look as VIBRANT and will NOT LAST like an RVA Sticker. Choose RVA Stickers for the best stickers around!


Our main gig on RVA Stickers is working with bands and musicians. You see, we are affiliated with the best and oldest studio in town here, and we know the music business.

But that’s not all! We have been doing sticker printing, screen printing, pad printing, and about a million other types of printing since 1953. You read that right; Nineteen Fifty-Three. We maybe made stickers for your grandpa! Well, maybe not. But we could have!

And our super quality stickers are no joke either… we use super high quality UV inks so they won’t fade and look all crummy after sitting on a bumper forever, we use super high-mesh screens so that we can reproduce even the finest detail, even if the detail is to look all “low-fi” (if that’s your pleasure). The material we use is no-joke industrial strength vinyl that can be tossed from the front of a stage, danced on all night, and then found and used. They are tough!

We have some great “standard colors” and we can match any PMS color that your designer has cooked up for only a slightly additional charge. Heck, you could even send us an object that you like the color of, and we will match that! Send us a pumpkin to match and you will get some dead-on pumpkin orange stickers! Really! (you have to pick up the shipping of the pumpkin, though. Pumpkins are heavy!)

By using RVA Stickers, you are supporting a non-conglomerate independent family business who takes you seriously. You can get in touch with us, you can ask us questions, you can see what we are up to. We are not a random fly-by night internet business that is not accountable.

And, you know what? We love printing stickers!